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Kathleen Suite, Incorporated is a comprehensive accounting firm, specializing in bookkeeping, accounting, outsource and virtual CFO services throughout Orange County, CA. Quickbooks™ Software experts offer problem resolution and Quickbooks™ Software training to assist small businesses in managing their growth.

Our customized programs are designed to compliment the management team responsible for the successful development, growth and management of the accounting department by providing bookkeeping services and support to small businesses in Irvine, CA. Our goal is to provide an unprecedented level of professional service and expertise.

What We Do

Accounting, Quickbooks™ Software Training and Support, Bookkeeping,Outsource Controller and Virtual CFO, Tax Planning and Preparation


Kathleen Suite Incorporated is an accounting firm located in Irvine, CA that was created as a vehicle for entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between small business operations and the resources that compliment the success of large corporations. In addition to an accounting firm, we offer operational support and a team of alliances across all professional fields, allowing us to be the main artery to the small business.

"Success is a Planned Event"

"A strong understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit was a natural evolution for me having grown up in an entrepreneurial household. This understanding combined with years of experience resulted in the forming of Kathleen Suite Inc. an Out-Source Controller to small businesses at affordable prices."

-Kathleen J. Suite

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