Rising to the Next Level

Kathleen recently attended the release party for the book “Rising to the Next Level: 21 Business Leaders Share Proven Strategies & Tactics” by Phil Calhoun – a book in which Kathleen contributed a chapter.

For many business owners, their company is more than a place to work and a source of income. For many, their enterprise is like a child; a growing, thriving entity that requires food, love and care.

What happens when your “baby” catches a cold?

What do you do if your “child” stops growing?

Rising to the Next Level is not simply a blueprint for increasing revenues, profitability and market penetration. Inside these pages, you’ll find golden nuggets of wisdom from 21 of the best and brightest business leaders in southern California.

Congratulations to both Phil and Kathleen!

Rising to the Next Level is available on Click Here!

Brian Hill, CPA wrote:

I have worked with Kathleen and KSI on both my personal business and on numerous joint clients. They have always done a great job in providing businesses owners with the personalized attention they need to be successful. I am always confident that they will be able to provide a complete solution needed for business owners to manage the day to day functions of their business as well as the strategic management of the company. I am always 100% confident that my work and the work for clients is being done correctly the first time.

Caren Lancona wrote:

Every Successful Business Surrounds Itself With Qualified And Talented Resources

Kathleen J. Suite wrote:

A strong understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit was a natural evolution for me having grown up in an entrepreneurial household. This understanding combined with years of experience resulted in the forming of Kathleen Suite Inc. an Out-Source Controller to small businesses at affordable prices.

Press Release:

Kathleen Suite created her company as a vehicle for the entrepreneur so that they could outsource many of their activities such as accounting and operations, as well as taking advantage of resources used by larger corporations to drive their success. In addition to the services normally provided by an accounting firm, they offer operational support and a team of alliances across all professional fields.

Press Release:

Kathleen recognized that there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution. Her firm is unique in that the business owner is charged only for the services they need thus allowing for an individualized approach for each client. This targeted approach ensures that the small company’s growth is optimized and their financial success is both strategic and well managed.

Press Release:

KSI, Inc. is staffed by a team of experienced and caring professionals with a proven track record for providing top-notch results. They will keep you focused on where you want to go, advise you how to get there and continually make sure that the road map is the right one for your company.

The President of Two Roads Professional Resources, Tammy Gottschalk, had this to say about KSI:

Two Roads Professional Resources began working with Kathleen Suite, Inc. in early 2007. Kathleen dove right in and after reviewing our existing procedures for month-end close, she quickly identified processes that would save time and of course, money, almost immediately. Over the years we have worked together to develop processes that track some of our more challenging accounting requirements using both Quickbooks and Excel support files as needed. Kathleen has become a trusted advisor, her commitment to timely and accurate financials here at Two Roads Professional Resources has proven to be a valuable asset.”

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