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    Important Accounting Services For Business Owners

    Working with a professional accounting service in Irvine, CA is one of the smartest moves you can make as a new business owner. It’s surprising how many new companies overlook the importance of properly managing finances from day one. They also aren’t always aware of the full breadth of services that an accounting firm can offer. Accountants can do a lot more than help you with your tax returns, though that is one of their many services. Here are some others.

    Managing Accounts Payable And Accounts Receivable

    As a new business owner, you may have built a beneficial relationship with a supplier who will allow you to purchase goods on credit. Upon doing so you create something referred to as “accounts payable”. On the other hand, depending on the nature of your business, it is possible you have sold goods to another company on credit. Those are referred to as “accounts receivable”.

    Properly managing these accounts is extremely important for a business of any size. These accounts represent liabilities or assets for your business. An accounting firm can help you fully understand the nature of these accounts as well as help you properly manage them.

    Bank Reconciliations

    Easily one of the most confusing tasks that accountants are trained to handle. Many Irvine small business owners have no idea what a bank reconciliation is or whether they need one. In reality, every business needs one completed at regular intervals. Otherwise, their company could find itself dealing with unexpected financial losses and additional fees to straighten out their accounting.

    Other Services

    Accounts and reconciliations certainly aren’t all that accountants are trained to help with. A few other areas of expertise include:

    • Quickbooks Desktop & Quickbooks Online Training and Support.
    • Staff Training, Team Training.
    • Properly Recording & Managing Financial Statements.
    • Developing Budgets.
    • Local, State & Federal Reporting Compliance
    • Navigating Reporting Agencies
    • Offering Access to Strategic Alliances that Simplify Processes such as Employee Benefit Programs, Insurances, Business & Personal Legal Teams.
    • Strategic Mid Year Tax Planning, Allowing Time to Implement Appropriate Strategies.
    • Process Assessment & Process Development.

    These are all areas of high importance for any business; whether new or old. It’s a good idea to discuss these areas with a professional Irvine, CA accountant if you haven’t done so already. Give us a call for your free accounting consultation.

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