Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave Changes

The City of Los Angeles would like to introduce you to some important changes to minimum wage and paid sick leave requirements that took effect on July 1st, 2016 for businesses operating in the City of Los Angeles. The City of Los Angeles requires employers to pay a minimum wage of $10.50 and provide paid sick leave benefits.

Information and tools for businesses, including Minimum Wage Ordinance Rules and Regulations, Frequently Asked Questions, deferral applications, and mandatory workplace posters, are available at and questions can also be answered by calling 1-844-WAGESLA or e-mailing

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Employment Updates

Has your Handbook been reviewed or modified recently to include Company Policy on: Arbitration Agreements, At-Will Policy, Confidentiality Agreements, and/or Social Media Policies?

1099 vs. Employee misclassification can be a costly error, visit this website to test your employee vs. 1099 classification

Beginning in 2013

Written Commission Plan clearly outlining the company policy on commission calculations including company policy on when the commission is earned vs. paid and policy regarding possible chargebacks on unearned commission paid.

Employers are required to keep a duplicate copy of wage statements issued to each employee each pay period.

Employers are required to provide reasonable accommodations for breast feeding and pumping aside from standard bathroom facilities.

Employers are required to provide employees with a form to request a copy of their personnel file.

Have you reviewed?

• Family Rights Including Accommodations & Leave Policies.

• Internal Investigations & Confidentiality.

• Rest Break & Meal Break Requirements.

• Social Media & Offensive Speech Regulations.

• Time Clock Rounding Policies.

• Wage Statement Requirements.

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